The Front - Vehicle Physics Command Line

OS Name/Version: Windows 11 Pro
Product Name/Version: AMP v2.4.4 “Decadeus”
Game: The Front

Problem Description


Vehicle physics in “The Front” are cartoony. To address this, you supposedly add a command line " - game.PhysicsVehicle=true" to the startup arguments for the server. Typically, this is done in the .bat and .ini files for the server (for manually hosted servers). As there is no .bat file for the server through AMP, and the ini file is wholly generated and maintained by the AMP instance, I am having a lot of trouble adding this command to the server startup.

So far, I have tried a few things;

  1. Use the “Additional Command Line Parameters” box to input the command as it was given to me. This did not apply the physics change to the game once booted.

  2. Use the same parameters box to input a reduced version of the command with no dash, in case that is the cause of the issue. No change.

  3. Use the same parameters box to input a further reduced version of the command with “game.” removed. No change.

Where I should be putting in this command to address this problem, or is there opportunity for someone to add it to The Front’s module within AMP itself so that AMP adds it to the .ini file?

I’ve not looked but I’d wager a good guess that the space between the dash and the word shouldn’t be there. So it’d be -game.PhysicsVehicle=true verbatim.

Per your suggestion, I restarted the server with the updated command line, (no gap) and unfortunately observed no change to the physics.

For recordkeeping, I also tried the two below variants (included in original post but not explicitly indicated).



I also copied out the INI file while the server was booted (can’t open it while server is running) and observed that there is no reference to the added command line appearing within the file. I can post the AMP generated INI file here if requested/if it will help.

AMP already adds that parameter as “false” in the command line args, as that is the standard config provided for the DS without any info on the setting. That would override what you are adding.

I can add a UI option to switch it to “true” if that helps.

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That would be great honestly, I would be very appreciative.

Got any info on what the setting actually does? xD

Last I checked in their discord and in game there was zero info.

I have found very little info on most things for this game, largely because of the generic nature of the game’s name. Even in their discord I find a lot of information is lacking.

From what I have been told, the setting -game.PhysicsVehicle=false is what makes the vehicle driving “cartoony” (best short description I can give). When set to true, it is supposed to actually enable the vehicle driving physics and remove the “cartoony” nature. Unfortunately I am not knowledgeable enough to go into much more detail than that, but I assume it is an option to reduce the calculations required to handle vehicles on the server and lower processing intensity.

You should update your amp. It’s now at CubeCoders to get the new .msi file to update the core amp and then in cmd ampinstmgr upgradeall.
This is just a suggestion

This has now been added to the template. Right click, refresh config on your instance and you should see the vehicle physics setting under the gameplay menu

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. :grinning: