Technicla Support needed for ets2 Dedicated server hosting via Linux

OS Linux/Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Latest

Problem Description:
When we try to run our server, the name that we want modifies back to the default value which is “Euro Truck Simulator 2”. How can we make our config file better so we can edit to anything what we want. Ty for answers.

Source files:

        "DisplayName":"Szerver neve",
        "Category":"Szerver Config",
        "Description":"Ez lesz a szervered neve.",
        "DefaultValue":"Euro Truck Simulator 2 server",
        "ConfigFile": "Euro Truck Simulator 2/server_config.sii",
        "AutoMap": false,
        "ConfigType": "sii"
server_config : _nameless.431.6050 {
 lobby_name: "Euro Truck Simulator 2 server"
 description: ""
 welcome_message: ""
 password: ""
 max_players: 8
 max_vehicles_total: 100
 max_ai_vehicles_player: 50
 max_ai_vehicles_player_spawn: 30
 connection_virtual_port: 100
 query_virtual_port: 101
 connection_dedicated_port: 27015
 query_dedicated_port: 27016
 server_logon_token: ""
 player_damage: true
 traffic: true
 hide_in_company: false
 hide_colliding: true
 force_speed_limiter: false
 mods_optioning: false
 timezones: 0
 service_no_collision: false
 in_menu_ghosting: false
 name_tags: true
 friends_only: false
 show_server: true
 moderator_list: 0


Our sources:

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