Stuck at loading for non admins

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OS Name/Version: linux Ubuntu 22.04 fresh install

Product Name/Version: AMP Release Callisto v2.5.0.4

Problem Description:
When other users other than admin try to login, it gets stuck on “Loading Plugins one moment please”
Steps to reproduce:

Step 1: Enter username and password correctly
Step2: login and get loop

No restarting ads does not work

I have reinstalled too this is new to me I usually run good on windows went to Ubuntu Linux and here’s this issue please staff any updates ? I seen another guy post about it on his windows 11 machine please this is urgent

It’s a known issue. The temporary workaround is to enable the permission to view the backups list.

How do i do this ? Please help me is there a guide i can follow?

Edit: misread ehat you said issue resolved for now please fix

they are working on a fix for it but again you would need to enable the permission View the Backup List in role management for all your users and that is a temp fix right now. When a fix is released, there will be a notice.

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