Strange Console Message - Session ID belongs to

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OS Name/Version:Ubuntu 20.04

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Problem Description:
Getting this message in console “ tried to use session ID but that session belongs to while attempting to call Servers” message repeats every minute.

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I’m running Windows 11 Pro, Hyper-V, Ubuntu 20.04, Amp The IP address .234 is the Windows 11 Ethernet Adapter. It is not part of Hyper-V. The Hyper-V adapter is .26 and Ubuntu’s IP is .20.

When I connect to the Instance via Minecraft from the local machine(or remote machine) everything works appropriately. I just would prefer this message not filling up my logs and of course would like to fix whatever problem is occuring before it becomes a bigger issue.

Thank you! Also… complete noob to AMP and Docker so Apologies in advance.

You can safely ignore this message. It shouldn’t be an issue in the next update.

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I’m also getting this in the console (on ADS) if I open a minecraft server with the ‘Manage in new tab’ option.
On version
Just did a complete reinstall of the VM running AMP, (Ubuntu 22.04), and noticed this in the ADS console.
Not that much of a issue, but just saying that it still happens.

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