Steam Workshop general failure

OS Name/Version: Windows Server 2016

Product Name/Version: AMP

Problem Description: I’m trying to get a Project Zomboid server up and running, and while I’ve got the server itself up and running, I’m unable to download anything from Steam Workshop. When I attempt to update the instance, the below error occurs. Essentially, the server itself works just fine, but Steam Workshop items aren’t downloading.


Downloading item 2751929549 …


ERROR! Download item 2751929549 failed (Failure).Downloading item 2592358528 …

ERROR! Download item 2592358528 failed (Failure).

OS Name/Version: Windows 10 (64 Bit)

Product Name/Version: AMP

Problem Description: The exact same problem, I’m unable to download Workshop Items onto the Server, exact same error.

Don’t use Amp’s built in workshop input. If you used that, delete all the entries. Instead under Configuration → Server Settings find the inputs for Mods and Workshop Items (right next to each other) and fill them in as defined.

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I had that error before recreating my server instance for Stationeers but now when I do an update with the workshop items in the Steam Workshop Items spot I am being asked for Steam login creds. I provide them and then when it goes to do the update nothing happens. It shows its doing things but nothing is really happening. 2 workshop items dont take 10+ minutes to install. I even disabled steam guard on my steam account.

Same goes for you, do not use the built in function. That’s for some other games. Stationeers has a built in feature to do this. I have not tested it myself, but here is a pretty good guide detailing how to do it.

Tyty. I will give this a try tomorrow!