Steam login / workshop

Just wondering how to change a steam login i have used with an instance , also where do i put workshop items i want to download for Ark and Space engineers thanks

Do not use the build in Workshop section under SteamCMD and Updates.


SE: (From Mike on Discord)

Okay so, Space engineers can download mods itself, to do that you need to add the mods variable in the Sandbox_config.sbc like this:

  <ModItem FriendlyName="{WORKSHOP ITEM NAME}">
    <Name>{WORKSHOP ITEM ID}.sbm</Name>
    <PublishedFileId>{WORKSHOP ITEM ID}</PublishedFileId>

then SE should downloads and update the mods itself, without the need to involve the steamcmd

Thanks, i should jump on discord and ask about the steam login stuff then :smile: i also did use the AMP workshop and removed the items but seems to still try and download them should i just remove instance and readd ?

Have you tried restarting the instance? I don’t use that feature myself to know if it has a caching bug of some type. But yeah it should prompt after you remove them.

ok so now i keep getting

Downloading: Id = 2575263584, title = ‘HEMTT with Tanker Module’
2022-07-09 12:49:46.201: Workshop item with id 2575263584 download finished. Result: k_EResultFail
2022-07-09 12:49:46.202: Workshop item with id 2575263584 download finished. Result: k_EResultFail
2022-07-09 12:49:46.203: Error during downloading: Fail

on all my mods i want to download also how do i add a password to server please

I’m working on Space Engineers right now. It needs some updates. I know some are having issues with Steam mods and have to use the method.

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Apologies. I didn’t catch your question at the bottom. Unfortunately, SE uses a messy process to generate a password so AMP has no chance of mirroring that. You’ll have to open the Dedicated server tool directly and generate a config file with a password then copy that into your SpaceEngoneers-Dedicated.cfg file manually. This guide is pretty good at explaining it. The difference is you can just find the file inside your instance and run it directly to do the steps rather than download a new copy.

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would be a lot better is you could just use the one in amp is there really no way to fix it . don’t get me wrong im thankful for a way to make it work. adding a mod id then clicking update would be way more simplified for a lot of people. I mean why have it if it doesn’t work if I wanted to do it all manual id use the basic dedicated server I didn’t have to pay for.

Unfortunately, that’s the way the game devs made it work. It’s not an issue AMP can readily solve for you.