Stationeers - Save location cannot be changed

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OS Name/Version: Windows 11

Product Name/Version: AMP “Decadeus” v2.4.6.10

Problem Description:

This is an issue with Stationeers instances.

The AMP configuration for Stationeers auto configures the setting.xml file for the server. As part of this configuration, it sets the SavePath to a specific location:

This seems to be causing an issue where the timed autosave built into the server is saving at the following location because of this:


Where it nests another “saves” folder under the existing one. I believe the SavePath should be root directory of the server, not the saves folder:

This results in some odd behavior where the timed autosaves are in the wrong folder and the server doesn’t load them correctly on server restart.

11:14:31: Loading settings: D:\AMPDatastore\Instances\RedDeath01\stationeers\600760\setting.xml
11:14:39: loaded 46 systems successfully
11:14:45: Loading save at: D:\AMPDatastore\Instances\RedDeath01\stationeers\600760\saves\RedDeath_Mars
11:14:45: game manager initialized
11:14:46: 245 days have passed. Your character has survived 0 without dying.
11:14:49: World Loaded in 0:4
11:14:49: Loaded World Settings. Elapsed: <1s ( + <1s)
11:14:49: Loaded 1144 Terrain Chunks in <1s (Elapsed: 00:01)
11:14:49: Loaded 113 Networks in <1s (Elapsed: 00:01)
11:14:49: Loaded 12 Rooms in <1s (Elapsed: 00:01)
11:14:49: Loaded 6125 Things in 00:02 (Elapsed: 00:03)
11:14:49: Loaded 781 Atmospheres in <1s (Elapsed: 00:04)
11:14:49: Initialized 398 Devices in <1s (Elapsed: 00:04)
11:14:49: Loaded Mission Data in <1s (Elapsed: 00:04)
11:14:49: Loaded TileSystem Data in <1s (Elapsed: 00:04)
11:14:49: Checking for out of bounds objects
11:14:50: RocketNet Succesfully hosted with Address: Port: 27016
11:14:50: started Server 27016
11:14:50: StartSession. config: {
"gameName": "Red Death",
"mapName": "Mars",
"port": 27016,
"password": true,
"maxPlayers": 10,
"ipAddress": "xxx",
"SteamId": 0
11:14:50: Auto save stopped
11:14:50: Auto save started (60)
11:14:50: loaded 'Mars' 6125 things in 5345ms
11:14:50: World load complete
11:14:50: World loaded
11:14:50: No clients connected. Auto pause timer started (10000ms)
11:14:50: World Saved: D:/AMPDatastore/Instances/RedDeath01/stationeers/600760/saves/RedDeath_Mars, BackupIndex: 1443
11:14:50: registered with session #173490
11:15:00: Server Paused
11:18:04: A connection is incoming.
11:18:04: VerifyPlayer - Serialising connection method: RocketNet
11:18:06: Process verify player 76561197962781431
11:18:06: Verifying RocketNet connection for player 76561197962781431
11:18:06: Adding player to server: JeffCraig | 76561197962781431 | RocketNet
11:18:06: Pause on Player connect
11:18:06: Game is Paused
11:18:06: serialized 6125 things for join package
11:18:06: Packaged join data length: 621828
11:18:06: Sending meta data
11:18:06: client 'JeffCraig' from '' on '0' connected
11:18:06: Processing Join Queue
11:18:06: Processing Join Queue
11:18:06: 1 clients in queue
11:18:06: Client: JeffCraig (76561197962781431). Receiving
11:18:07: Client: JeffCraig (76561197962781431). Connected. 621828 / 621828
11:18:07: Client JeffCraig (76561197962781431) Dequeued
11:18:11: Client JeffCraig (76561197962781431) is ready!
11:18:11: Game is resumed
11:18:51: World Saved: D:/AMPDatastore/Instances/RedDeath01/stationeers/600760/saves/saves/RedDeath_Mars, BackupIndex: 1444
11:19:50: World Saved: D:/AMPDatastore/Instances/RedDeath01/stationeers/600760/saves/saves/RedDeath_Mars, BackupIndex: 1445```

In this log, you can see that the initial world load and save were put in the correct directory, but when the autosave happened (which I've set to 60 seconds for testing), it went to the saves/saves/ folder

I also cannot manually fix the setting.xml file, because AMP overwrites it every time the server starts.

Actions taken to resolve so far:

To resolve this, I've completely disabled the server default autosaves. The server saves to the correct location when a player joins and disconnects, so that works for me for now. It's just the timed save that is going to the wrong location.

Additional issue: 

There's another issue with Stationeers servers, where in the latest patch dedicated servers force correct capitalization in server startup parameters. AMP tries to start up new servers with the old lowercase world names (moon, mars, eropa, etc), but this causes new servers to fail startup. Your instance installation code needs to be updated to use capitalization (Mars, Moon, Eropa, etc).

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