Startup Issue with Palworld - Cant launch palworld instance

Adding to this, I am getting the exact same error on Windows Server 2019, I also spun up a new Server 2019 vm to test with the same issue. I did get this to work on an Ubuntu 22.04 desktop vm on the same hypervisor.

I spun up a test repo for the templates and changed palworldmetaconfig.json from using “ConfigType”:“template” to “ConfigType”:“ini” and it seems to have cleared the issue on my Windows machines for the error and it will spin up now. I still needed to manually create the PalWorldSettings.ini in the WindowServer and LinuxServer directories with settings from DefaultPalWorldSettings.ini and then configure each setting as something (Likely a permissions issue) is stopping the update script from applying the settings to the files. I also had to change “Allow user-defined passwords” in Security and Privacy then set a password for “Remote Admin Password” then put the password in the AdminPassword of the ini files to get the rcom working and have the server report as running rather than starting.

@Greelan I see you added the Palworld commit. I know you are likely not staff but am hoping you have some insight into this or can add some details on how you made the config and environments you tested. For some reason it seems to be working fine on Ubuntu Desktop with the template but Windows Server and Debian have issues with anything to do with the ini file. At launch the ini files do not exist in the Window or Linux folder so it is clear they are not being created, so the server defaults to the defaults file. Even if I create the ini files it claims to merge correctly but nothing changes in them but all of this seems to work fine on Ubuntu Desktop.