Startup Issue with Minecraft - Server starts successfully but Application State hangs on Starting

System Information

Field Value
Operating System Linux - Ubuntu 22.04.3 on x86_64
Product AMP ‘Decadeus’ v2.4.6.6 (Mainline)
Virtualization None
Application Minecraft
Module MinecraftModule
Running in Container No
Current State Starting

Problem Description


This bug is preventing the server from starting properly, but I am still able to join the server. Features like ‘sleep mode’ fail to work at all. I’m pretty sure this is an issue relating to the Better Than Adventure JAR, as other JARs I’ve used in the past (vanilla, forge, fabric, etc.) don’t have this issue.

Is this resolvable on AMP’s end or should I open an issue with BTA?

Reproduction Steps

  • Create a Minecraft Java Edition instance
  • Add Better than Adventure server jar (
  • Assign Server JAR in Server Settings
  • Start server
  • Wait for world generation and “DONE” to show in console

Something in BTA changes the server start message enough for AMP to not pick up on it (AMP gets server start/game events and such from parsing the log).
Sleep mode/schedule events have always been a bit buggy with modded MC for this reason, weather it works with modded really just depends on if any of the mods changed the system messages.

For it to work, the start message would need to be changed back to normal for AMP to accept it, some custom mod to replicate the proper start message, or the different start message to be added into AMP itself (the MC module is closed source, so that may take awhile).

The upside though, is that this version of MC doesn’t take up very many resources while idle.

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