Startup Issue with ARK: Survival Evolved - Persistent Faults and Failures Starting ARK Server Post-Backup Restoration

System Information

Field Value
Operating System Linux - Debian GNU/Linux 12 on x86_64
Product AMP ‘Callisto’ v2.5.0.8 (Mainline)
Virtualization Docker
Application ARK: Survival Evolved
Module GenericModule
Running in Container Yes
Current State Failed

Problem Description


I am experiencing continuous startup failures with my ARK server. The issues began when I completely shut down and then restarted the server instance. Upon attempting to restart, I was initially met with an error suggesting a fault that prevented the server from starting. Following the error advice, I managed the instance, which revealed another error during the update tasks, specifically a bash script failure (/bin/bash failed with exit code 1). In an attempt to circumvent these issues, I restored the server from a previous backup. However, this did not resolve the problem, as trying to start the server post-restoration still resulted in a failure, this time with a different error indicating the server could not complete the start task (state 3). I require assistance in resolving these persistent errors to get my ARK server operational once again

Reproduction Steps

  • Instance Shutdown and Restart: Fully stopped the ARK server instance and then attempted a restart.
  • Initial Error on Startup: Received an error message indicating a fault preventing the application from starting. Prompted to manage the instance for more details.
  • Error Upon Managing Instance: Encountered a bash script failure with an exit code of 1 while running update tasks.
  • Backup Restoration Attempt: Restored the server from a backup to resolve the issue.
  • Subsequent Failure to Start Server: After restoration, attempted to start the server but received an error indicating the server could not be started with state 3