Source RCON Module is broken - please help!

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Windows 10
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  • v2.4.5.2, built 22/06/2023 16:58
    Problem Description:
    I am remaking my github issue located over at Source RCON Console Tab Intermittently Doesn't Work · Issue #901 · CubeCoders/AMP · GitHub in hopes of getting some traction on this issue. Since the day AMP began supporting Source RCON it has been plagued with issues making it essentially unusable in the right circumstances. We just want this fixed and it seems like we keep getting stuck in the waiting game. We are more than happy to provide direct access to our AMP instance, FTP, RDP, etc. we just want this fixed…

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  1. Have a production amp install running
  2. Make a new srcds server in gmod
  3. Mess around in the server a little bit, click restart a few times, and then RCON breaks
  4. All console commands stop working until the gmod-xxx instance is restarted from the main ADS instance screen
  5. This issue persists until all instances, and ADS, are shut down and restarted
  6. This issue will also persist if the server is stopped, the generate RCON password button is hit, and then booted again.

Actions taken to resolve so far:

We are at a loss here guys, please help us get this fixed. I am not the only person experiencing this issue based on the other people commenting in on my github issue but we’ve been sitting around waiting for months other than providing some logs.

This is NOT a small issue, and this problem is exclusive to cubecoders amp, no other game control panel has these problems, whether we’re talking SeDirector, pterodactyl, or even using traditional RCON clients like HLSW on a ./srcds / srcds.exe command line.

We haven’t forgotten about this issue - but it’s exceptionally difficult to track down. It affects multiple users but it doesn’t affect all users. We can leave test rigs running in various platforms and configurations for weeks and the issue doesn’t show up.

Unfortunately no amount of logs will help with this because it’s most likely some kind of race/concurrency issue. But we are still looking into it.

It is worth pointing out however that you’re on an old version of AMP - is the latest.

I’ve shipped a Development build with a possible fix in, give this a shot.

It looks like the development build you pushed has fixed this, I am at 7 days of uptime on ADS now with many crashes, map changes, etc. and I still have not experienced loss of my RCON panel.

I would like to note player counts and player listings are still very much broken though, it shows my server has 15 people online right now and there is zero. That’s more cosmetic though, and has been an issue all along.

I’d say push the fix out!

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