Simple step-by-step instructions for Minecraft server

Is there a simple, step-by-step instruction for setting up a simple vanilla minecraft server. Nothing I have found here seems to be up to date with the current version of AMP.

I can’t even get the instance to start using defaults. It is stuck on “Application State: Installing components.”

I have an existing server I am trying to port to this for easier management, but so far AMP is not working out. I have set that aside and just tried to get one instance to function, but all I get are error codes and hangups.

None of the steps have fundamentally changed, do you have an appropriate version of Java installed on your system? Are you running on Windows or Linux?

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Hi Mike. Here is some background:

  1. I have an existing Minecraft server running successfully using the appropriate version of Java. The end goal is to simply manage this install with AMP.
  2. I tried following the instructions for installing and then converting over an existing world, but it threw a ton of errors, so I backed out, deleted the instance and decided to simply try to start one single instance using all of the defaults for Minecraft.
  3. The installation hangs on on “Application State: Installing Components” and never comes back. Note the instructions never ask what the world characteristics should be, so I do not think they are complete to the latest version.

Sorry to deviate from the proper form, but I thought this problem was pretty simple: Is there a step-by-step guide? If I could get the basic instance running I’m certain I could figure out the rest, but it seems like there are a lot of undocumented steps required.

Still the question which OS?
Also would be helpful if you would share logs with error.
Did you follow How to import an existing Minecraft server into AMP ?

There are no specific instructions, you create the instance, manage it and hit start. Everything else is automatic.

You’ve also not told us what OS so we can advise appropriately on what to do next.

It’s a Windows 10 desktop. I created the instance, managed it and hit start and it threw that error noted above, plus some other warnings. I will jump on tonight and send the actual error log. Thanks.

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