Setup Instructions for server core does not work

I think your instructions are not ideal. At least they didn’t work out of the box for me.

Instead of

I think this works better
wget "" -OutFile AMPSetup.msi

May also want to do a restart before running ampinstmgr otherwise it’s not available until the shell is restarted.

You could get this in a one liner possibly:

wget "" -OutFile AMPSetup.msi | .\AMPSetup.msi /qn | Restart-Computer

Also got a bunch of red errors about the mhttp assembly during quickstart (ampinstmgr quickstart).

Also didn’t indicate the endpoint for the control panel after quickstart completed. I assume its related to the mhttp assembly error.

Lastly, after going through the wizard in my webbrowser https://localip:8080.

AMP never came back up. A restart resolved it.

Just a little bumpy during the installation

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