Setting up Single-Sign-On for AMP

I purchased the Advanced Edition of AMP due to the fact this version of AMP supports SSO, according to your website. I have been unable to find a guide anywhere for enabling/setting up SSO.

Please send me instructions for SSO.

Thank you,

OS Linux
Platform Debian GNU/Linux 12
System Type x86_64
CPU Model 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-12900K
CPU Layout 1S/16C/32T
Installed RAM 128624
Virtualization None
Module ADSModule
Module Application Application Deployment
Loaded Plugins FileManagerPlugin, EmailSenderPlugin, WebRequestPlugin, LocalFileBackupPlugin, CommonCorePlugin
Application Name AMP
Application Version
Codename Decadeus
Tools Version
Release Stream Mainline
Build Spec Release
Build Date 06/12/2023 17:17

Thanks for the response, Mike.

I did find that article. Your website states that the Advanced Edition supports SSO. Single-Sign On is different from LDAP.

Hover over it (press and hold on mobile) to get the more detailed description. AMP supports using LDAP compatible providers as an SSO provider for authentication. SSO is not a single thing, just the idea that a separate provider can be used to provide logins to different services, and you can use an LDAP server to log into AMP, as well as other services - resulting in a single point of authentication for multiple services - also called SSO. LDAP is commonly used to provide SSO.

AMPs LDAP support also allows it to use services such as Active Directory to provide SSO that way.

Support for other SSO providers such as OIDC/OAuth2 is planned but not yet available.

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