Setting AMP GameServer for remote connections with a Cloudflare Tunnel

Hi, I’m new here and I would like to share my game servers (in this case Project Zomboid) with people outside my home network. I have researched on this and landed on Coudflare’s Zero trust tunnels, I have create a tunnel to AMP already and things are working fine (accesing the console so far).

However I can’t join a hosted server with cloudflare, I assume I would have to install the cloudflare’s token inside the docker container running the Zomboid instace, right? If so, can someone please help me out and show me how this is done?

These tunnels are for web applications, they do not work with game servers to the best of my knowledge.

I believe you are right, after a few hours looking around they don’t allow things like UDP ports through the tunnel.

I have found a solution using Tailscale, I installed a Tailscale node into my Debian running AMP and I believe this will do the trick, needs more testing but it looks promising so far! Thanks for the reply @Mike

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