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I‘m currently looking for a server control solution for a minecraft bungeecord network. I have certain „server groups“ that should be dynamic i.e there is basically a template for the lobby servers, with plugins, worlds ans I can start a few instances of that dynamically.

When a lobby server instance is stopped the Server and its data in deleted.

Now my question is if this is posible with AMP. And if so: Which package do I need to buy for that. Other Game Server Panels like Multicraft offer this feature as well.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, this is possible - AMP has a templates feature in Network Edition and above that lets you spin up an instance with a single API call that contains a pre-configured server, complete with whatever data and the like you want it to have - such as pre-populated world, plugins, configuration, etc. It applies to any game, not just Minecraft.

So the work you’d have to do is invoking that API call on-demand as appropriate - AMP will take care of the rest.

Thank you so much for the quick response. I still have 2 little questions:

  1. Does it work with both the Network Standard and Network Premium?
  2. Can those themplates only be created by calling the API or also via the Web Interface?
  1. Yes, Network Standard and Premium both feature deployable templates.

  2. AMPs web interface is just a front end to its API. Everything in the web interface is an API call away. In fact, it is exactly one API call (assuming you’re logged in) to deploy an entire template, complete with configuration, existing data, etc. You can also tell it ahead of time what instance name you want it to use (but you have to do the work yourself to make sure they never overlap) so the instance can have a well-known name ahead of time.

Templates can also control how the deployment occurs. For example you could have one type of template that only stores data onto SSDs, and another that only stores onto HDDs, or not care entirely. You could have a template that only deploys on machines with an ultra-fast CPU, and another that just fits in wherever there’s space among the resource pool.

They can even have pre-defined CPU/memory resource limits if you’re using Docker - all still part of that exactly one API call.

Ok, I got it. So the web ui is basically just a frontend calling the rest API to perform certain actions.

I installed the system on my server as I wanted to try out the template system.

Now my question is: Where exactly in the web interface is the option to create a new template. I’ve searched the whole web interface and haven’t found anything.

And how do you then create instances based on the created template. When I click on “create instance” I can only give it a name, application type but I can’t select a template ( I just probably haven’t found out how to do this yet :grinning:)

Thanks in advance.

It’s not a REST API specifically, but that’s the basic idea. It’s actually an RPC style API but fairly easy to use.

The following KB article applies to you: Configuring AMP for Enterprise or Network Usage - Docs - CubeCoders Support - once this has been done you’ll unlock the Network-specific functionality.

Network Standard doesn’t have Deploy Templates? At least not in the latest version

Apologies - you are correct, but 2440 does have Templates enabled for Network Standard, but with callbacks disabled.

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