Server starts but can't connect

OS Name/Version: WIndows 10 PRO 22H2

Product Name/Version: AMP Professional v2.4.6.8

Problem Description: Moved my hard drive into a new pc for my amp servers. I got everything up, re-activated the license, made sure the ip was the same and ports were forwarded. Everything shows to be functional however my friends are unable to connect to the server, I get no output in console that anyone tried to connect either. I am currently testing this with a minecraft server in specific.
If I change my LAN ip globally on my router people are able to connect, however that causes other issues, as long as my server computer is on it makes my wifi across all my devices randomly disconnect for like 10 seconds like every 5 minutes so ultimately players can’t stay connected.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1 Move hard drive to new PC
  • Step 2 Reactivate Licence, Upgrade AMP, Log out and log back in
  • Step 3: Wait for server to boot, try to connect.

Actions taken to resolve so far:
Reinstall AMP,
Reboot PC,
Repair AMP,
Upgrade AMP,
Change Local IP,
Reinstall Drivers,
Reset Router,
Re-Foreword Port,
Change IP AMP uses,
Change IP instances use,
Remove PC from router memory and re-add it,
Repair AMP Datastore,
ipconfig /flushdns,
ipconfig /registerdns,
ipconfig /release,
ipconfig /renew,
netsh winsock reset,
netsh winsock reset catalog,
netsh in ip reset
Unplug / Replug ethernet cable,

There is probably more that I am forgetting.

This sounds like a networking issue; if you change the address and it works then AMP itself isn’t broken. You mention “other problems” could you explain what is happening further?

So the other issues I am referring to is if I have my server PC on it makes my internet stutter on every device in my house for like 10 seconds every 5 minutes or so.

Are you positive that this is an issue with the AMP panel because based on the description, it sounds to be more of a networking issue and not to do with the panel itself.

The issue was my motherboards built in network card, I installed a PCIE network card and everything seems to be working now, apologies for the late response.

Not a problem. I will close out this thread. Thanks for letting us know.