Server ports are staying red after opening them

OS Name/Version: Ubunto 22.04

Euro Truck simulator

I have opend the ports in my server console but the main server port stays red

I have opend the ports ufw allow 27015
ufw allow 27015/udp
ufw reload

ctrl F5 but the port stays red and i cant connect to the ets2 server what am i missing here ?

Not all ports will open right away - some games you won’t see anything being open until someone is actually connected. In such games you usually connect using the steam query port rather than the game port.

But i cant seem to find the server in the convoy list aswell thats why im thinking it got something to do with the port …

Have you tried connecting directly?

I clickt a fieuw times on the connect button on the amp control panel then i recieve the messages opening steam but nothing happends … i also dont know any other way connecting with a ets2 server then using the convoy mode … the server should pop up there