Server is lagging with just a couple of players

OS ame/Version: Ubuntu latest. Latest AMP with docker installed created yesterday.

Problem Description:

My pc is AMD A10 8750, 16gb ram runs on SSD

Hi everyone.

I am brand new to all of this so I may miss some things.

I started a Windows 10 version of my V Rising server using SteamCMD and the server ran fantastic no lag and had 10 players on at some points.

I then wanted to use Amp so I could have automated backups, restarts etc . As I am brand new to all this so thought it would help me manage the server better.

I wiped my pc (took a copy of the game first on a sperate HD) then installed a fresh Ubuntu and managed to get amp running (eventually) it didn’t run at first so someone said I needed docker. I installed docker and the server ran, I copied the save data across of peoples saves and the Linux is running the same IP as the windows one (

With even just 2 players online the server lags and I have absolutely no idea why?

The windows setup I had before amp ran perfectly and my cpu usage was about 20% and ram was using about 4.7GB

Now the server on paper looks to be much better off on Linux as the CPU is about 15% and ram is about 2.5GB

I am brand new to all of this so I really don’t understand what could be the cause, the server ran excellent on windows without amp (didn’t try amp on windows went straight to Linux) and looking at the manage page in amp the pc is not even breaking a sweat. I’m so confused.

Any help would be fantastic and sorry if I didn’t explain things very well.


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You can share your AMP Log from that instance and it may shed some light.V Rising on Linux isn’t natively supported. It’s using xvfb and Wine so there may be some issues that cannot be fixed until the devs release a proper Linux version.