Saves folder? Replace World/Map?

Hi All

I am trying to add a new MAP to my new AMP minecraft java server (Lobby/Portal)
How to Install Minecraft Maps on Java Edition & Bedrock for PC & Mac

But on a AMP server you have the map in the:
/world/ directory

I have tried to just delete averything here and upload the new MAP/world but after a restart of the server I revert to the existing default world when I created the server first time?

Can I create my own “saves” dir on the server and place the world/Map there?
%appdata%.minecraft\saves on a AMP server would be located where?

Sorry I have tried to search for the “saves” folder :slight_smile:

you just throw the map in to the server

im guessing you are using multiverse core

multiverse commands

/mv import {NAME} {ENV} [GENERATOR[:ID]]


/mv import my_world NORMAL run this code
/mv import my_hell NETHER run this code
/mv import my_cloud_world SKYLANDS
/mv import moon NORMAL -g BukkitFullOfMoon

maps just go in to the main folder where ur server .jar goes

dash is main world and dash_nether
there is no saves folder on server side
image below shos where the folder map name goes