Satisfactory Hidden files permission denied

OS Name/Version: Debian 11

Product Name/Version: (AMP Release “Decadeus”
v2.4.3, built 14/03/2023 23:15)

Problem Description: I am trying to backup my Satisfactory save files but could not find it. after some browsing I found out it is hidden. I am able to see the hidden file but once i click to enter the instance folder it says permission denied. I am trying to get AMP to show me these .sav files in the built in file manager. Mainly I am trying to lower my backup file size and really all I need is these files not the 4 gigs or so that it backs up every time.

Gonna share the full list here for future reference of others. You have to create a symlink to the directory in order for it to show inside the instance. Satisfactory doesn’t store them inside due to the way the game is made.

Save data locations:
Linux (no container): /home/amp/.config/Epic/FactoryGame/Saved/SaveGames
Linux (container): /home/amp/.ampdata/instances/{instancename}/.virtualhome/.config/Epic/FactoryGame/Saved/SaveGames
Windows: C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Local\FactoryGame\Saved\SaveGames

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