S3 Backup - Too many requests?

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 20.04.4

Product Name/Version: Currently running version 2.4.8 - 20240129.1

Problem Description:

Yesterday ish I set up S3 cloud backup for 4 instances. Now I’ve already used more than 2000 requests to S3 and they are forecasting around 14500 requests, which is not within the limits of their free-tier.

How is that number so high after 1-2 days?

Backup is scheduled daily at 7 AM to run and keep 4 or 5 copies.

Is it an error that it already used 2000 requests? As it should probably only use 4 requests at 7 AM when the backup runs and then some when checking the backup is there I’d assume.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Setup & Configure S3 backup on instances and manually test upload local backups.
  • Add a trigger to schedule the backup
  • Wait for the backups to run and upload to S3 automatically

Actions taken to resolve so far:
None yet as I can’t seem to find anything that I can do as of right now.

(PS. I tried opening a ticket through AMP, but the “create” bottom stays greyed out. And the “Steps to reproduce” is in 8/10 times saying: “The step you entered is too short or does not appear to be valid. Please enter a longer step or one that contains more words.”
No matter how many words or accurate the steps are)

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