S3 Backup Configuration

Here is a quick and dirty guide to configuring AWS S3 Backups in AMP

  1. Create an account in AWS for yourself/root user.
  2. Create an S3 Bucket, accept all defaults (don’t enable any public access), take NOTE of the bucket name and region.
  3. Create a user in the AWS IAM service for AMP to use.
  4. Create an access key for the AMP user, select for “Application running outside AWS” (found in Security Credentials section within IAM for the user). Take note of the Access key and Secret access key
  5. Grant the AMP user the “AmazonS3FullAccess” policy (found in Permissions within IAM for the user).
  6. From within AMP\Cloud Backups. Set the “S3 Service URL” to https://s3.region.amazonaws.com
  7. Set the S3 Bucket Name to bucket name
  8. Set the S3 Access key to Access key
  9. Set the S3 Secret Key to Secret access key

Please provide feedback and improvements, this is my first time configuring S3 bucket storage so I’m sure some of it can be done better. Just wanted to get a method posted for others as a starting point.