S3 and Google Cloud?

Hey there! I’m trying to setup S3 backups but I plan to use Google Cloud Storage. Has anyone been able to set this up properly yet?

I know Google Cloud supports S3 auth but I can’t find anything related to it for the life of me. Maybe they’ve changed it? I don’t know


I know Google supports S3 buckets these days and that you can use the AWS SDK to access them at least to some extent, but don’t really know the details.

I got AMP to work with MinIO and learned a few things that might be helpful to you.

  • Use a DNS style (bucket.example.com) named bucket, not a path style (examble.com/bucket).
  • AMP uses the AWS SDK directly so if you can make the aws cli work with your bucket, then you’re probably good to go with AMP.

Following along to see the outcome here, good luck!