Rust and Rust+ Companion App - port set but not enabled

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Product Name/Version: Triton v2.3.2.4

Problem Description:

After creating a new Rust instance and declaring a Rust+ App Port in Edit Ports, the console still shows Rust+ as not running…

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a new Rust instance
  • Update to latest Rust
  • Ensure Rust+ App Port has a value over 10000
  • Start Rust instance
  • Manage Rust instance
  • Start Rust server and wait for startup to complete
  • Open Console
  • enter command ‘’ without quotes
  • Response will be ‘HH:MM:SS: Companion server is not enabled’ without quotes
  • Also attempted to connect Rust+ App when logged into server, was notified that the companion app was not enabled on the server.

Actions taken to resolve so far:

  • tried to manually set the port with ‘app.port’ command - console responded with ‘app.port: “28082”’ without quotes, but this had effect (even after restarting both the server and the instance).
  • set the Rust+ App Port to different values above 10000 in Edit Ports - this also had no effect (even after restarting both the server and the instance).
  • looked for server.cfg file to manually add / update the value - could not find file in expected location (/server/myserver/cfg/config.cfg).
  • researched the AMP Support / internet-at-large for a solution - none found specific for AMP, although many hosting solutions have a toggle to “Enable Companion App” in addition to setting the port, although setting the port should be sufficient to enable Rust+…

Any assistance or guidance would be helpful. Thanks in advance :slight_smile: