Reuse of License

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of buying a license, however is the license can be use to another machine? right now, im using a low-end hardware for the server, but will upgrade or build a new home server pc in the future. is the license reusable/transferable to another machine?

Yes, you’re licenced based on the number of concurrently configured instances. You can move instances around between machines as much as you like.

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another question about licensing…dont want to open a new thread for this, but I didnt find the answer.
I bought new hardware for my amp server and switch license from old to new this weekend. Do I need to deactivate the license at my existing server to move it to the new one? I oonly want 1 server at a time of course…do I need to uninstall AMP or do something with licensing to be able to “free” the license for my new server? I´m on Ubuntu, not on Windows

thx in advance

I’m a new user myself, but when searching the forums for the same question, I found a reply by Mike answering that activated instances will eventually be pruned for inactivity.

It’s a good thing, because because while figuring out how to move my server to a new pc, I activated almost 10/15 of my slots when I only need 2/15.