Restored AMP server from Veeam backup - instances not starting

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OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

Product Name/Version:

Problem Description:

I have restored this server previously from Veeam (just a vmware VM) and have had no issues. This time I have restored as normal but none of the instances are starting.
I have manually stopped and started all instances via ampinstmgr.

Steps to reproduce:

  • restart the server
  • No instances start
  • “Backend not available”

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Manually restarted instances
ran “ampinstmgr.exe --NoCache UpgradeAll” - this completed but instances still do not start

What is weird is that I have had no problems restoring AMP before and have done so multiple times. Any help would be great.

Go into your datastore and find the AMP_Logs folder for the ADS instance. See what the latest log shows for why it won’t start. If ADS starts, you can right click an instance and View Logs that way.

Thanks for quick reply -

yeah looking at one of the instances I could see :
“No valid AMP licence was found.”

I can see its telling me to “ampinstmgr reactivate (instancename)”

Is there a way of doing this for all Instances at once?

Yupp! ampinstmgr reactivateall

Mr IceOfWrath, I could kiss you!

thanks for the help, did not realise there were logs available per instance like that.