Restore backup on new server

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Product Name/Version: v2.4.1.2 Halimede

Problem Description: Made backup on system that does not use docker. Want to restore it on my new server that does use docker. Both systems are same version on AMP.

I created a new minecraft instance on the new machine. Went into the backups folder and sue sFTP to copy across the zip file. Nothing shows up in the ‘backups/restore’ for the instance.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1 : Backup instance
  • Step 2 : Copy zip file to new machine, placing it in the backups folder for a freshly created instance
  • Step 3 : Open Backups and cannot see the backup to restore

Actions taken to resolve so far: None

You’d need to extract the archive manually. Copying the archive over doesn’t add it to the local backup manifest (at this time?)

Can I backup a standalone version into a new CubeCoders amp that has dockers set?

Yes. The Docker container doesn’t house the game server files. You can just import them like usual and when running the server it’ll pick up the files.

I have restored all files into the backups folder of the AMP system using sFTP. It did not display anything for me to restore. I created a new instance (minecraft java) and managed the instance. It has its own backups folder. I used sFTP to transfer all the unzipped files to that folder. It also shows there is nothing available to restore.
I rebooted and now it shows two available backups to restore. I chose my most recent one and it came up with an error:

This task could not be completed: restoring Backup - PrivateWorld2 - State: 3.
Backup manifest has no information on where to find this backup

Now what please?

I should have chosen better wording. As Mike said, you won’t see the backups in the GUI. You’ll literally have to copy over the backup and extract it. You can extract it from the File Manager though. Assuming all goes well. Then you may need to mark the executable with the execute flag again. chmod +x {ExecutableName}

Would it be possible to provide clear steps.

  1. Backup on existing server
  2. Unzip the backup
  3. sFTP all the files to the backups folder on AMP on the new server
  4. Create a new folder under amp/.ampdata/instances
  5. Use ‘files’ in Ubuntu to copy all files and folders from the unzipped backup into this folder
  6. Find all .jar files and make them executable
  7. ?

I have done steps 1 to 6 but still cannot see any new instance in AMP.

What am I missing? Do I have to chown or chmod any other files? The users on the old machine are not the same as the users on the new machine. It appears all files are root:root for owner and group

I see this error:

Couldn't start instance: /home/amp/.ampdata/instances/PrivateWorld01/AMP_Linux_x86_64 does not exist.
Waiting for AMP instance to start...
Failed to start AMP. Exit code was 0

I am also in the situation where I want to move to a new server. Specifically for such a scenario I have enabled cloud backups thinking that if I have the backups in the cloud there is an easy way to rebuild on a new server if something goes wrong.

According to the thread so far, I now have to manually download the backups from the cloud to local, then put them on the new server, then extract and place the files where they should go. Then fix users, permissions, executables.
First issue is right from the start that the backup of the server contains just one file “__AMPBackupManifest.ampjson” and this file just contains 1 line with the timestamp and settings of the backup (basically it’s the line from the backup manifest, but nothing of the server was really backed up).
Second issue is that after I put everything in my instances back in places (including the instances.json) the instances would show up but they wouldn’t start up, not even to the point where I could edit settings or trigger a restore. I assume that there is some other json or config file where something is missing but I have no way to find out, searching through the folders and vigorous googling didn’t help.
Next I deleted the instances and tried to create a new instance with the hopes of later overwriting the instance with the backup but now I don’t even have ValheimPlus in the list, only the regular Valheim. Guess something broke along the way and I’ll have to reinstall AMP again.
So after a day of work and having backups of the server and all instances, I have nothing accomplished and can’t even start over new.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but if this is the normal way to restore a backup then a simple rclone/rsync would have been the easier route, also from your point of view because implementing a backup mechanism is also a lot of work.
Again, I don’t mean to be rude or anything, I just honestly don’t understand which use case you had in mind when designing the backup mechanism. Shouldn’t a recovery after a failure be one of the goals of a backup?
I searched the forum and the wiki but I couldn’t find any guide on how to restore in case of a server failure. It’s certainly ok if the backup is only meant for game saves but in that case I would be good to put some warning notes on the backup page that the user cannot expect to recover a server with this backup and they should have a separate backup solution for that. I would have been more cautious but as the zipped backup is 900MB, I assumed that it’s not only a save game backup.

Please take my experience as chance to write up some info for other people how they should go about their backups and what will and what won’t work when they want to restore.
Thanks for your patience