Removing / Disabling password on Valheim server impossible without mods?

Hello all,

we tried to switch our Valheim server from password auth to Steam ID whitelisting today and while the whitelist itself works fine, also removing the password does not. Removing the password completely in the AMP configuration leads to the server failing to start.

I suspect that AMP still tries to add the password parameter to the startup execution line with an empty value which might mess up the rest of the parameters / lead to the faulty behaviour. But I couldn’t find if that is indeed a technical limitation of the AMP Valheim instance or if Valheim itself doesn’t allow the server to start without a password.

I found a different forum post somewhere else suggesting that starting up the server without the password parameter ALTOGETHER should be able to start the server without a password, but I’ve also seen that the Valheim Plus mod has a specific additional setting to disable the server password requirement. So I’m kind of unsure what exactly SHOULD work.

Does anyone know if there is any chance of starting up a vanilla Valheim server with AMP without having a password set?

Any advice and hints would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance and have a nice Sunday everybody.

OS Name/Version: Windows Server 2019 Standard (1809)

Product Name/Version: Valheim AMP Instance version

Problem Description:
Server will fail to start if password from vanilla Valheim server is removed completely.

The WorldGenerator instance was null
NullReferenceException: The WorldGenerator instance was null
  at Heightmap.Generate () [0x00011] in <98e3eb25220c456c958749d2adfcfcdc>:0 
  at Heightmap.Regenerate () [0x00007] in <98e3eb25220c456c958749d2adfcfcdc>:0 
  at Heightmap.OnEnable () [0x00029] in <98e3eb25220c456c958749d2adfcfcdc>:0

Steps to reproduce:

  • Remove password via Configuration > Valheim - General Settings > Server Password
  • Start up the server
  • Console will throw several errors as seen above and do multiple retries to start before aborting

Actions taken to resolve so far:
Re-added a password with at least 5 letters / digits.

The standard game requires a password. It’s mandatory. This isn’t an AMP restriction but how the official game itself is designed. Non issue. The password requirement can only be removed via mods.

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