"Release Notes" buttons seem broken

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22.04.2

Product Name/Version: AMP - 20230628.1

Problem Description:

As stated in topic, clicking the Release Notes buttons, both when notified of an update/patch and when on the Support and Updates screen, open a blank window instead of directing to the latest release notes.

I’ve also noticed the past couple of patches don’t seem to have any release notes associated with them for some reason (last release notes were for the release, no notes for the patches since then), though I guess that’s more of a site feedback, perhaps?

Steps to reproduce:

  • When a patch is released, try to click on the “Release Notes” button, or go to the Support and Updates screen and try to click on the “Release Notes” button.

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Don’t think this is resolvable on my end.

Yeah, I remember seeing in tech support that the patches aren’t supposed to have that “Release Notes” button, since it’s just small/minor fixes. Safe to ignore for now (assuming I’m remembering correctly). The latest one fixed the web File Manager and fixed stops/restarts for some troublesome MC servers

Ahhh, I hadn’t seen anything about that. I do wish they’d make a patch note, though, just so people were aware of how critical it might be, and so that button would have somewhere to point. I was aware of what the first one fixed, as I was also having that issue, but combing the forum here for the new one today I didn’t see anything. Thanks for the help.

Patches by definition aren’t critical and are essentially optional. They’re just used to fix stuff that was broken by an update or fixes too trivial to document.

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