Recommendations for Installs in VM's

Hello, I am New to AAMP. Purchased an Advanced License. Install is so seamless, its amazing. I have learned the ins and outs so far very quickly testing out some basic game servers.

I currently run a cluster of servers in proxmox. I was deciding between having less VM’s with more resources and letting AMP separate instances in each one. But I eventually decided to run more VM’s with less resources and let proxmox handle the resource allocation and only have one instance per VM. Any benefit to running it like option one vs option two?

My main question though is if I continue to run this current setup with one instance per VM. Is it still recommended to let AMP install docker? Is the performance hit minimal enough that it would be fine, even with heavier minecraft servers and larger servers such as ARK? The reason I still want to is to allow for separation. While I only want to run a single instance per VM at a time, it opens up installing more than one game server on a VM if we are done with one game we can move onto another. It would allow easy removal of files and no mixing of files.

I am looking to see what is recommended. Both with the VM setup question and docker question.

Edit - Also installing docker I suppose leaves it open in the future to be able to run more than one instance per VM. If in the future I wanted to add more resources to a specific VM then docker is already installed from the start.