Problems with online-mode (Back to true automaticly

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OS Name/Version: Debian 10

AMP Release “Decadeus”

v2.4.4, built 17/05/2023 17:54

Problem Description:

Hello, i have a problem with AMP, Because when i create a Minecraft Instance, in, the line online-mode: false back to true when i start the server.

And i don’t know why, because before the latest version, i didn’t have this problem.
Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a Minecraft Java Instance
  • Configure it with Spigot, Bukkit
  • Check in and modify online-mode : to false
  • Launch

Actions taken to resolve so far:

*Delete Instance & Recreate

Are you using a proxy to connect to the server?

Heyo, no i’m using a cracked version. and i allow proxied connexion.

Discussion of piracy and using cracked clients is forbidden.

Heyo, we have the possibility with AMP to open crack server, so before say this check the panel plz.
I know your’e a staff, but if it’s availlable on the panel, why it’s forbidenn here ?

That is also unsupported, which is why youre having trouble doing so in the first place.

Hosting cracked servers is against AMP’s Terms of Service.

Ok, so i take all of this message.

I want to ask for something.

It is possible to edit the start command ?

for exemple : java -Xms1024M -Xmx2048M -jar spigot.jar -o nogui true its the default command start for my server. But I want to modify it
by this java -Xms1024M -Xmx2048M -jar spigot.jar false

Where Can i do it, if it’s possible ?

Discussion of cracked clients is prohibited. Topic closed.

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