Problems getting a Ark Ascended instance running

Getting the error: ```This task could not be completed: Starting ARK: Survival Ascended… - - State: 3.

Application stopped unexpectedly with exit code 3.```
OS Name/Version: Ubuntu Server 22.04 fully patched

Product Name/Version: AMP Professional 3.0.3

Problem Description:
Trying to create an instance of Ark Ascended default config docker container and default config. Currently working on a fresh install of Ubuntu server and AMP. This is the first instance being created no config changes past initial creation of the instance.

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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add instance for Ark Ascended on Ubuntu Server based Amp Professional install.
  2. Attempt to start instance.

Actions taken to resolve so far: Reinstalled system from scratch, OS and Amp. Deleted and recreated instance a couple of times. Attempted forcing an update then starting. Countless hours of google searches.
There is another thread with a similar issue but that seems to have been mod related and as I have no mods at this time can’t be the cause of my issue.

Running the linux command as root in the guide that was linked in our issue, fixed our loading on our Debian system.