Pre puschase questions

Not sure if this is the right place. I have been thinking about trying AMP, but there is a serious lack of information.

  1. I see no mention of a subscription. Would I be correct in assuming that the licenses are permanent?
  2. Is there a demo or trial that I can install to make sure this meets my needs?
  3. Does the 5 concurrent instances mean only 5 can be actively running, or only 5 can be added and configured on AMP?
  4. Do the Minecraft instances support Fabric?
  5. Can you run Minecraft instances (at the same time) that use different Java versions? Older Minecraft versions require Java 8 and newer versions require Java 17.

  1. AMP can be installed without a licence to check that you can get it running and that it works on your system, but creating the actual game servers requires a licence.

  2. It means 5 configured instances, so you couldn’t have 10 set up and rapidly switch between a different set of 5. If you have lots of instances, consider Network Edition which allows 50 instances.

  3. AMP supports any and all Minecraft server versions, but Fabric is one of the ones AMP can sort out automatically.

  4. AMP is aware of multiple Java installations on the same system and gives you an option to chose which version you want to use on a per-instance basis.

I think I figured out why I was confused about the licenses. This allows for 5 AMP instances. So I can have 1 controller and 4 targets. I was thinking Minecraft instances. Is there a limit on the number of game instances you have on AMP?

It’s the game instances that it’s licenced by, not the number of AMP installations. So a copy of AMP Pro allows you to run 5 Minecraft server processes. Either all on the same system, or spread out. Say 2 on one and 3 on another.

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