Only a handful of players can join my Rust server

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS

Product Name/Version: AMP Release “Decadeus” v2.4.6.6, built 05/10/2023 11:56

Problem Description:

Since the 21st Nov in the evening, some players started reporting issues joining my servers.
As it can happen every now and then, I restarted the servers.
I host 2 vanilla servers and 1 modded on that dedicated server.

The reboot didn’t solve the issue and I started thinking the problem was client side.
But then I realised that most of my players couldn’t join and only around 3 or 4 players were able to join.

These players who can’t join the server get a “connection attempt failed” error message, they don’t see the server description (this is empty) or the server image.
So I restarted the instance, and I restarted the dedicated server itself, but nothing helped.
Some players who were able to join the server before the restart weren’t able to join anymore.
Even I couldn’t join anymore.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Start Rust
  • Try to join the server, either in player list or via console (client.connect …)
  • You get an error message stopping you from joining “connection attempt failed”

Actions taken to resolve so far:

I got in touch with OVH who checked the server and told me there wasn’t any issue.
I got in touch with Facepunch who told me that the IP wasn’t blocklisted.

I created a new instance for Rust, did no modification, no mod, no plugin, just pure vanilla and my players tested it and couldn’t join either.
They are all able to join other servers.

There had been no update made to the server when the issue appeared, no new mod, no change in configuration, absolutely nothing, the server was running and players were playing, and joining without any issue and suddenly around 6 pm a bunch of them got disconnected and couldn’t join anymore.

I have then tried disabling ufw in case it was blocking something, but the issue persists.
I have tried installing the Greelan instance of Rust, but the issue persists.

One thing I have recently noticed with a friend helping me with tests:
He couldn’t connect to the server, then pinged it, it worked, and then he could join again.
Later in the day, he couldn’t join anymore (after a restart of the server), he pinged it, and then was able to join again.

Please help me, you’re my only hope.

EDIT: I just asked a player who couldn’t join to ping the IP… and then he was able to join

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