Number of app instances for licence?

OS Name/Version: Debian v12.5.0 x64 (Custom minimal server install)

Product Name/Version: Professional Edition / Decadeus’ v2.4.8

Problem Description: I purchased a licence in 2019 that originally had a maximum of 5 instances but since the licence reshuffle my account now shows I have the Professional Edition but still shows I only have 5 instances instead of 15 as applicable in the licence details.

Could someone clarify this difference?

The tiers were changed around along with the prices. Everyone retains what they had when they originally purchased. Pro used to be £7.5 for 5 instances, that Tier is now called Standard, and Pro is £15 for 15 instances instead.

However since you purchased at the old price, you can upgrade to the next tier up (Advanced Edition) at a discounted rate.

Hi Mike and thank you for answering,

Shortly after I posted I found the answer else where on this forum but my memory lapsed to mark it as solved.

I do find this change a little disappointing, however despite this the software is a solid platform with nothing close on the market in terms of features and support. It’s worth every penny and I shall consider upgrading.

Thank you.

Nothing actually changed for you. You have the exact same features and instances you had before. The naming was mostly just shuffled around :slight_smile:

I appreciate that nothing had change only the naming, initially just a little confusing.
If an email was sent out notifying of these intended changes, I missed it but then I really should check and read my emails more often.

The 50% upgrade discount to the next tier was too good to ignore, so treated myself. :smile:

Again, thank you.

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