Notification of player logins for Bedrock server?

Hello! Newbie here. Just managed to get my server running.

Is there a way I can get notifications when someone logs in my Minecraft Bedrock server?

Yes, using the scheduler.

OK, thanks!

Could you please elaborate? Is there a guide on how to use the scheduler? I’m guessing this could be done with the send a message to discord option (or the others like pushbullet, etc). But I don’t know how to schedule this. I oculdn’t find a guide or a list of commands. Is there something like that? So I can learn and schedule more advanced tasks as well.

Add a trigger for someone joining, and then on that trigger add a task for a notification (such as Discord as you say) and fill in the fields. If you have a question about any of the fields, then we can answer that for you.

Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I ended up using AmpBot for Discord. It would be probably easier to use scheduler with webhooks but I’m such a noob I could not figure out how it works. (content and display name). The bot seems to work just fine though with some extra functionality.

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