Not able to login? (After extending lvm)

Hi All

I started to use bluemap in my Minecraft setup and thought that 100G would be plenty.
But after starting to render the_nether it ran full.

So I followed the old guide to extend my volume to 200G

Everything was fine, but when trying to start AMP I cant get passed the login prompt?

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu server 20.04LTS

Product Name/Version: 2.4.8

Problem Description:
After extending the lvm I cant login to AMP? Spinning wheel

I did a fixperm, and I have the volumes written.
I have terminal access to AMP and its running

Any input on how to get it up and running again?

I ended up resetting my user and password.

Then I could login and start the server, getting some errors but I guess thats because of extending the storage?

Is there anyway to update this, so I can actually see the storage used ?

Right click it to calculate the size.

Didnt know about the right clicking :slight_smile:

But this seems strange: 156MB

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