New User - New Install - AMP Keeps Shutting Down

OS Name/Version: Windows 10 (21H2)

Product Name/Version: AMP Instance Manager (AMP-ADS01) (Pro)

Problem Description: I’m trying to manage things, but every time I try to open AMP Instance Manager, it opens a browser window which eventually shows “AMP backend not available”.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Install AMP
  • Create Instance
  • Configure (Minecraft) Server
  • Close Browser
  • Try to re-access Instance (via AMP Instance Manager)

Actions taken to resolve so far:
I installed, I was able to create an instance (Minecraft) and then get that instance running. Now it seems that I can’t access that server, and when I try to manage further, I get this error message. I’ve entered my license.

  • I’ve started the service in “Services”, but it seems to shut down right away.
  • I’ve restarted my server (PC) a couple times.
  • I’ve tried starting the “AMP-ADS01” service manually once the browser is open.
  • I’ve tried changing settings (Automatic (Delayed)) for the service.

I’ve had a non-AMP managed Minecraft server running on this same server for weeks.
Because I just saw this requested elsewhere, here’s results from ampinstmgr lastlog ADS01

As a sanity check, can you do an ampinstmgr stopall followed by a ampinstmgr reactivateall, then reboot?