New user, cant log in on second PC?

OS Name/Version:
Windows 10 Pro x64

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’)
AMP Release “Triton”
v2.3.4.4, built 26/07/2022 20:08

Problem Description:

I very recently bought this server manager/wrapper “AMP” to run a Minecraft server for me and friends. I have 2 PCs in the house so one is dedicated to the server. I installed AMP on the server PC and everything has been going great since I’ve figured most of it out. However, today I decided to try to set up a way for me to remote manager the server from my other PC which is my gaming PC. I downloaded AMP on the gaming PC and attempted to log in like normal however it said my password or username was incorrect? I wrote it down so I was almost positive I had it right. Either way I tried 5 times and now I it seems I am locked out. The error message is “Authentication passthru is disabled on the controller”. Have I screwed myself? Am I trying to remote connect wrong?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, Thanks in advance—

you are not doing it corrctly…
AMP is supposed to be installed only on the server with the running the game
if you want to access it by logging in just go to the website that AMP is hosted on

What is the AMP website?

To find out how to connect to your amp website open CMD and type ampinstmgr info
then type out your instance name (the one that controls the main dashboard)
after that you will see an output like so:

Instance ID        │ 8374-13123-dasd-12321-sad
Module             │ ADS
Instance Name      │ YourName
Friendly Name      │ YourName
URL                │
Running            │ Yes
Service Instance   │ Yes
AMP Version        │

the URL is the IP for your website, but in order to access it you need to find out the IP of the PC and connect to it with your pc
Server IP:
In your gaming pc if you are on the same network, type

Hope that help u