New instances not created in correct datastore


Folder permissions for the AMP user were not set correctly for the second datastore in Windows.

Perhaps in future an error could be printed to the console when AMP is denied access to a folder?

OS Name/Version:
Controller - Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Target - Windows Server 2022

Product Name/Version: AMP Advanced Edition - v2.4.6.10 build 06/12/2023

Problem Description:

I have a controller/target setup and I’m trying to create instances in a secondary datastore created on the target. I’ve set the second datastore’s priority lower and disabled the default one entirely yet all new instances are created in the default datastore. Is there no way to manually select the destination datastore in the instance creation screen in the controller? I’ve seen mention of such a thing in other forum posts but don’t see it.

The secondary datastore is an NTFS virtual disk attached to the target.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create datastore on target and set priority to 0
  2. Disable default datastore on target and set priority to 10000
  3. Create an instance using the controller

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Using tags to point new instance at the right datastore.

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