New Feature Suggestions

Hi All,

After using AMP for a few years and loving it more with every update, I’ve compiled a list of a few feature that would be great to have. I also know some of the storage/drive feature are planned for the next update. I’ve been having trouble recently with drive space restrictions since I currently use a 120GB SSD, so having an easy way to move instances to a new drive would help a lot. (I will probably end up creating a symbolic link as suggested here)
Let me know if anyone has feedback on my suggestions and I’d be happy to discuss.

Feature request:

  • Retain console data on page refresh
  • Option to stop console auto scroll
  • Drive usage stats
  • Ability to move and instance to a different drive
  • Directory sizes (can currently only see file sizes)
  • File/Directory selection for backups (to reduce backup size)
  • Server/Instance runtime stats

Glad to hear! All feature requests can be posted on the GitHub “Issues” tab. Just fill out the provided template.

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