Need help with V Rising MOTD

Hi, i’ve been trying to set my MOTD in my V Rising server which is running through AMP. but it’s not coming out correctly, it comes out looking all jumbled together
however, i’m trying to get it to come out looking like this:

Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?

Can you show us what its coming out as?

I’ve tried adding \n and < br > but nothing seems to work.

Hmm. Could you show your config? Inside the config, the MOTD should be called “Description”.

Too large to show the whole thing, but here’s the first part:

I don’t think the lines/spaces are translating over, and I don’t know how to add them, as I said, i’ve tried adding \n after every line and also using < br >. to no avail.

Ok. I’ve asked around and apparently the description system is really wonky. It won’t parse new line characters. To get a new line, you need to add a bunch of spaces. :slight_smile:

Edit: Incorrect information. See post below

So, it’s virtually impossible, without constantly restarting the server and basically using trial and error? I messed with it for a minute and got this.

Just checked with the module dev and apparently V Rising WILL parse \n. However, AMP escapes \n into \\n in order to store it. You can stop the server and edit the file manually to add \n. However, when you edit a value inside the ADS, it will overwrite the config. This is what I was told:

For now the user can go into the configmanifest.json and remove the section for Description and do it by hand in the game’s config file.

hence they’d have to do this. And remove the description from App.AppSettings in the GenericModule.kvp.

This will remove the Description configuration field and allow you to edit it manually without AMP overwriting it. However, if the V Rising module gets an update later, you will have to do this again.

Okay, I think I understand that. So when I do it by hand, will I need to use \n or \n ? Probably \n, correct?

I’m assuming you mean \n or <br>? Use \n

lol oh, the html changed it, but it was supposed to be /n or / /n, lol but thank you.

Mike found a way to get this working possibly as a text area input box. I’ll get it implemented soon if all pans out!