Need Help looking for a Rootserver

Hello everyone im new to this Game hosting stuff i wantet to buy me a Robotserver and was thinking of hosting 2 or 3 cs2 Server and maybe a TS3 Server . What CPU Power so i have to Look for

for all of that, 32gb of ram and any good x64 bit cpu plus you would want about 1TB of drive space.
You can find some cheap server host out there that can do it.
one of them that i use is OVH and they do have an eco server hosting available. If you are looking to self host, those are what should be in your rig, you might be able to get away with 16GB of ram but 32GB is good for a muti game server setup

Okay thanks alot for the fast comment, i’ll Look them Up i dont rly want to host IT from Home.

Depends on where you want it, TBH.

Hetzner has some good deals to be had on their server auction, but it’s all in Europe.

I did some filtering. Basically, minimum 8 cores. 32GB of memory, 1TB of SSD, dedicated box, non crap CPU (maybe overkill)

YMMV but this is kind of what I’d use for that.

I live in Germany so i’ll Go with hetzner and i had a look on one of AMD 3700x Servers

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