Need help for weird HTTPS deployment

Hi, i need help configuring https on my particular setup.
So i’m running AMP on a debian VM controlled by truenas core, on truenas i’ve multiple services running behind traefik, cert are managed by cert-manager/clusterissuer.
There is a truecharts app that can be used to redirect to other service.
I’ve made a redirect for pointing to my VM IP port 8080 and clusterissuer is providing the cert, but since AMP is not configured to use https it doesn’t work.
The guide to enable HTTPS on AMP need port 80 and 443 open on the host IP, but i’m using traefik on truenas so i’m already using both port, and anyway the app that i use to redirect doesn’t accept port 80/443.

Is there a way to configure https on a different port and use my clusterissuer cert ?


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