Multiple "worker" AMP-servers


For some reason, I gotten the notion that AMP supports managing multiple servers.
For example, one node can deploy instances on multiple physical or virtual servers, and then deploy game-servers on those ones.

I am thou struggling to find information regarding that… Can someone point me in the right direction?


That’s correct - it’s referred to as Controller and Target mode.

No special steps are required. You simply pick which mode you want to use during the setup process. Each machine you’re using to run AMP game servers needs a copy of AMP installing on it and you configure them as Targets.

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Yes, that is what I understand is possible. But I fail to find documentation about how to register workers/targets.

I guess I just have to install AMP on another machine, and try from there. I already have a machine configured as “Hybrid” :slight_smile:

You just run through the install process on each machine. That’s it. No special steps required.

When you install the amp server and go into the web based portion of the install, on the controller instance that you are setting up make sure to select the controller, then on your target nodes during that same step in the process you select target node, it will then walk you through the steps to add the details and credentials for the controller, it will add itself to the controller and set up everything else.