Missing some templates when creating an instance

Newer versions of AMP will automatically download the latest server templates whenever you restart the ADS instance, or if you manually request them through the menu. There are some cases where you might not have the latest templates. This is usually due to one of two reasons, the server is missing Git, or there are different files than it expects in the template directory. Try the steps below before reaching out for support.

  1. Ensure you have Git installed: AMP Dependencies - Git
  2. Reboot the OS after installing Git.
  3. Delete the templates directory: ADS01/Plugins/ADSModule/DeploymentTemplates/CubeCoders-AMPTemplates/
  4. In the web interface, navigate to Configuration-->Instance Deployment and press the Fetch button. You can verify it downloaded under the Console tab.
Updating remote source CubeCoders/AMPTemplates
Cloning into 'CubeCoders-AMPTemplates'...
  1. Refresh the browser and attempt to create an instance again.