Minimum Spec for using AMP controller

Hey All,

I just wanted to check what the minimum specs where that could run an amp controller instance.

I want to use my oracle cloud account to host the controller while I use my actual systems to host the targets and game server instances, but I only have my E2.1 VMs available. (I’m using the other for website hosting and SQL database management).

These E2.1 VMs get 1 core and 1gb of ram with 480mbps of bandwidth. I figured since it’s just a controller and not being used for instances it would be okay, but I wanted to make sure before I go and try something that will inevitably fail.

All help is appreciated


You could run it on a toaster. You could run it on less than that for sure :slight_smile:

Oh perfect, so I won’t have any issues in terms of connection or performance running the controller off one of these types of instances as long as I open ports and follow the Oracle cloud guide?

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