Minecraft: unable to update server.properties/set startup parameters/change amount of GIG the server uses

OS Name/Version: Windows Server 2022/Newest Version installed this week

Product Name/Version:
AMP Release Decadeus v2.4.6.2 build 30/08/2023

Problem Description:
Edit server.properties in windows, when AMP starts it overwrites the file.

Actions taken to resolve so far:

You need to manage the Minecraft server first, then you’ll have access to all its configuration.

All Minecraft config is done in the Configuration part inside the Minecraft Instance.
Configuration > Server Settings is all the settings that will be in server.properties file and you edit them there. online-mode is not and will not be in there and will always be enable to true so it can not be enable false or turn off.
Configuration > Java and Memory is where you can set the Java version to use and that is where you also set the memory usage. If you want true memory that you want it to use, then you will need to multiply the ram you want to use by 1024 so if you want to use 4GB of ram then you will do 4x1024=4096gb and you will put that there to get the true gb of ram usage
Configuration > Gameplay and Difficulty is where you set things like game mode, pvp, npc, mobs and other things like that.

“Configuration > Server Settings” —> I don’t have this in my AMP
“Configuration > Java and Memory " —> I don’t have that in my AMP
" online-mode is not and will not be in there and will always be enable to true so it can not be enable false or turn off.” —> So what do I do now? I wanted to have a proxy server running
“Configuration > Gameplay and Difficulty” I dont have this either
Nor does my AMP load up properly today, I have a white background and it says Loading plugins, one moment please…

Sorry but this AMP thing is just super frustrating. I’ve watched multiple videos on youtube where they simply click 2-3x and the server is setup while I am here reading tutorials after tutorial telling me to do this and that and I find nothing, I re-installed AMP at least 10x already because as soon as I change settings the next time it doesnt load properly… cant connect to… then I need to re-install and setup all users and all instances again and do all the ports binding and then im stuck again

If you don’t see Configuration > Server settings then you probably haven’t managed the new instance. You’re still at the top-level in ADS. If you’re in the right place then you see a “Status” tab on the left and not a “Instances” tab.

Reinstalling AMP will damage your installation rather than fixing anything (It’s not a normal application), it sounds from your description like you’ve got multiple things wrong rather than just not being able to find the settings.

It sounds like you’re trying to change AMPs bindings, but there’s no settings you generally need to change in terms of networking. Unless you have multiple, physical network adapters - don’t tamper with AMPs defaults unless you really know what you’re doing and why because as you’ve found out, getting it wrong stops you from being able to access AMP. Windows is especially fragile because of how services work.

You can use these steps to try and recover your setup: Something not working on Windows? Try the following: - make sure not to skip the reboot stage.

This webpage is buggy too. It is static on Chrome… If i use Edge I don’t have a mouse and need to navigate with pressing Tab…

Update/Fix: After rebooting 3x after installing GIT all the missing configuration finally showed up. AMP is just really wierd… to 80% when I login I need to stop the AMP service and start AMP manually to get rid of the “cant sign in to” error which is frustrating.

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