Minecraft (Spigot) keeps using older server jars

OS Name/Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x86_64

Product Name/Version:

Problem Description:

Sometimes when my server restarts it uses an older jar than it should. Usually 1.18.2 instead of 1.19.2

When it does this I double check the Configuration → Server settings and ‘Release Stream’, ‘Spigot/CraftBukkit Version’, and ‘Server JAR’ are all set fine (e.g. specifying 1.19.2). Even if I go to the files and delete all other jars (and empty trash) it will then attempt to start the wrong jar, and then download it in order to run the wrong jar.

This has happened on and off, quite a few times, and usually doesn’t have any negative consequences, only recently I’m getting data loss due to certain incompatible plugins and it is increasingly annoying.

Any help much appreciated.

I havent experienced this myself, although I use Paper vs Spigot. You may want to create a new instance and port your world and settings over to that.

This has happened to me again. In browsing around I found multiple older jar files in C:\AMPDatastore\Instances\Minecraft\Minecraft\spigotbuild\

So I’m speculating a bit whether the updating of the build puts the jar file in this location, then copies into the location from which it runs (C:\AMPDatastore\Instances\Minecraft\Minecraft). Also if that copy is for *.jar rather than the specific jar that just updated. If it is a *.jar copy, would this be being done by a spigot controlled process, or an AMP one?

If this random speculation is right, this would at least explain where old seemingy random jars come from. If anyone knows how either AMP or spigot behave on the update I’d appreciate your input, thanks in advance :slight_smile: